Package MySQLdb :: Module cursors :: Class SSDictCursor
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Class SSDictCursor

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          object --+    
CursorUseResultMixIn --+
          object --+   |
                   |   |
 CursorDictRowsMixIn --+
          object --+   |
                   |   |
          BaseCursor --+

This is a Cursor class that returns rows as dictionaries and stores the result set in the server.

Nested Classes [hide private]

Inherited from BaseCursor: DataError, DatabaseError, Error, IntegrityError, InterfaceError, InternalError, NotSupportedError, OperationalError, ProgrammingError, Warning

Instance Methods [hide private]

Inherited from CursorUseResultMixIn: __iter__, fetchall, fetchmany, fetchone, next

Inherited from CursorUseResultMixIn (private): _get_result

Inherited from CursorDictRowsMixIn: fetchallDict, fetchmanyDict, fetchoneDict

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Class Variables [hide private]

Inherited from CursorUseResultMixIn (private): _defer_warnings

Inherited from CursorDictRowsMixIn (private): _fetch_type

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