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Class CursorUseResultMixIn

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Known Subclasses:
SSCursor, SSDictCursor

This is a MixIn class which causes the result set to be stored in the server and sent row-by-row to client side, i.e. it uses mysql_use_result(). You MUST retrieve the entire result set and close() the cursor before additional queries can be peformed on the connection.

Instance Methods [hide private]
_get_result(self) source code
Fetches a single row from the cursor.
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fetchmany(self, size=None)
Fetch up to size rows from the cursor.
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Fetchs all available rows from the cursor.
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__iter__(self) source code
next(self) source code

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  _defer_warnings = True
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fetchmany(self, size=None)

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Fetch up to size rows from the cursor. Result set may be smaller than size. If size is not defined, cursor.arraysize is used.