Module libxml2 :: Class relaxNgValidCtxt
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Class relaxNgValidCtxt

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relaxNgValidCtxtCore --+

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__init__(self, _obj=None) source code
__del__(self) source code
relaxNGValidateDoc(self, doc)
Validate a document tree in memory.
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relaxNGValidateFullElement(self, doc, elem)
Validate a full subtree when xmlRelaxNGValidatePushElement() returned 0 and the content of the node has been expanded.
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relaxNGValidatePopElement(self, doc, elem)
Pop the element end from the RelaxNG validation stack.
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relaxNGValidatePushCData(self, data, len)
check the CData parsed for validation in the current stack
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relaxNGValidatePushElement(self, doc, elem)
Push a new element start on the RelaxNG validation stack.
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Inherited from relaxNgValidCtxtCore: setValidityErrorHandler

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__init__(self, _obj=None)

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Overrides: relaxNgValidCtxtCore.__init__