Module libxml2 :: Class catalog
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Class catalog

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Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, _obj=None) source code
__del__(self) source code
add(self, type, orig, replace)
Add an entry in the catalog, it may overwrite existing but different entries.
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Check is a catalog is empty
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Convert all the SGML catalog entries as XML ones
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dump(self, out)
Dump the given catalog to the given file.
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remove(self, value)
Remove an entry from the catalog
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resolve(self, pubID, sysID)
Do a complete resolution lookup of an External Identifier
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resolvePublic(self, pubID)
Try to lookup the catalog local reference associated to a public ID in that catalog
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resolveSystem(self, sysID)
Try to lookup the catalog resource for a system ID
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resolveURI(self, URI)
Do a complete resolution lookup of an URI
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