SatHole – an Arduino based rotor controller

SatHole is a simple rotor controller that (for now) emulates gs232 protocol.
It is based on the low-cost Arduino hardware,like the nano/uno boards.
Firmware is a work in progress, for now, it has a “setup” mode, where you can set various parameters, like rotor position vs. analog sensor, emulation mode and so on.
It features a lcd display to show current rotor pos ( az/el data ).
Four ports are used to control left,right, up and down commands, and two analog ports are used to sample azimuth/elevation feedback voltage.

Once programmed the board, sathole goes in “setup” mode, where you can configure it using a serial terminal program at 9600 baud, np, 8 bit, 1 bit stop.
Typing “h” show up the command list, configuration data are saved in eeprom.
Selecting an emulation mode lead the controller to that mode, also after power-cycle the controller goes in that mode.
To return setup mode simple enter, in a terminal program, “+++” ( like the old modems).

Source code repository on github

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